Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Scam Alert from the VT Attorney General’s Office – Amazon charge phone scam

The Consumer Assistance Program has received several scam reports that Vermonters are being contacted by a new robocall phone scam that claims that their credit card has been charged by Amazon.  The automated call instructs people to call back to get a refund.  Scammers then attempt to gain remote access to computers.   

Hang up the phone! Do not call scammers back!  Do not allow remote access to your computer! 

If you have legitimate concerns about your Amazon account, or other accounts, contact the company directly through a trusted contact, such as through the customer portal within your account. 

If you are concerned about charges made to your credit card, contact your credit card company directly. 

Be on the lookout for similar phishing scams that purport unauthorized charges have been issued without your knowledge or consent.  Scammers hope to capitalize when people respond to the urgency of a call and do not pause to take steps to verify. 

If you have provided sensitive information or lost money to this scam, please contact the Consumer Assistance Program right away at 800-649-2424. Again, the number is 800-649-2424.

Help us stop these scams by sharing this information with your community. 

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