Tuesday, January 29, 2019


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Winter Parking Ban in Effect Tonight – 01/29/19

Call 802-658-SNOW for Future Snow-Bans


Burlington, VTA winter PARKING BAN will go into effect tonight at 10pm to help city crews maintain the safest possible road conditions and clear the roads of snow and ice. The ban will be in effect from 10PM-7AM throughout Burlington, except the downtown zone (midnight-6AM; see end of press release for streets within the downtown zone enforcement area). Any vehicles remaining on the street during the parking ban may be issued a $125.00 parking ticket by Burlington Police Parking Enforcement and will be towed to another location. Parking bans are declared by 3pm. Call 802-658-SNOW for future updates or look for the parking ban lights around the city. Please travel safely and stay warm!


Free parking is available in city-owned garages:

  • Starting at 10PM

  • Cars must be removed by 8AM to avoid paying the full daily rate

  • The following city-owned garages offer this free parking:

    • Marketplace Garage (47 S. Winooski: entrances on Cherry St & Bank St),

    • College St Garage (60 College St: entrances on College St and Battery St) and

    • Lakeview Garage (41 Cherry St: entrance on Cherry St)

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